PCB Assembly

Our assembly capabilities include rigid & flexible type PCBA circuit boards and surface mount (SMT), thru-hole, and mixed technology components.

Tin/Lead or Lead free soldering is available.

Manufacturing operations include SMT machine & manual component placement, thru-hole component forming and insertion, hot air solder reflow, wave solder, hand solder, electro-mechanical assembly, PCB panel & box builds, electrical testing, and PCB adhesives and conformal coatings.

We offer scheduled, unscheduled, small lot, and quick build capabilities.

Manufacturing capabilities

SMT, Thru-Hole, and Mixed PCB assembly

Lead-Free (ROHS compliant) soldering

Flexible PCB assembly

LED PCB assembly

RF PCB assembly

Electrical Testing

PCB Modifications & Rework

PCB Potting and Adhesives

PCB Conformal Coatings