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Company information


Established in 1989,

Manufacturera Baja-Mex is a Maquiladora with operations in Tijuana, Mexico.
We  provide electronic assembly services to customers in the United States and Mexico.

Consigned Materials and Turn-key manufacturing services are available.
We also provide sub-contract assembly services for other maquiladoras and manufacturers.

The low cost of labor in Mexico allows us to provide our services at substantial cost savings
to our customers.

Close proximity to the US / Mexico border, and the Southern California area enables
us to provide quick production turn-arounds.

Baja-Mex provides Import / Export, Trucking, and Warehouse services in San Diego.
Local area pickup & delivery service is available.


Manufacturing capabilities



Printed Circuit Board assembly

SMT, Thru hole, & Mixed technology

Lead-Free assembly

Electro-mechanical assembly

Conformal Coatings

Cable, Wire & Harness assembly

Medical Device assembly

Electrical testing & Packaging

Product Modifications & Rework